I was in the middle of writing a post on my “oops!” moment I had this morning when I took a little online jaunt to read some of the blogs I frequent.  Kristen from We Are THAT Family, wrote a couple posts about a new family in their neighborhood that they just met.  Not just any family, but a Christian Russian family from Uzbekistan who had to flee due to persecution.  You can read her posts here and here 

Since my sisters and I have been studying surrendering and sacrificing it ALL for sake of God’s glory, no matter the circumstances or the cost, well, this hit home right along with all the spiritual gut-shots I’ve been taking the last couple weeks in my Quiet Time.  I know “gut-shots” is probably not the best term but that’s what they feel like – on the human side of things.  Those clear precise words, whether read or heard, that clearly come from God with a resounding, “Helloooo??!! Are you listening??!!!! I’m talking to YOU!”  And the gut feeling you get when you realize you’ve had it all wrong for a long, long time. 

ANYWAY! Go read Kristin’s story of meeting this amazing family.  And then pray for them.  Because they need it.  And because we take way, way, wwaaaayyyyy too much for granted in our cushy, Christian USA lives.  Really, we have no idea what it really is like to follow Christ in any other part of the world.

And don’t worry… I’ll get that embarrasing post about myself finished up and posted tonight…