I’d just like to take the time to point out that it’s September ya’ll.  SEPTEMBER!!!!  Where has the year gone?!!

ANYWAY, this week’s WFMW is a backwards edition.  It’s a week where I get to ask a question of YOU!  And please, I need help on this one in a big way.

Night Terrors.  If you want, read my little story about my recent (and very first) experience with them.  My question is, what do YOU do when your little one(s) are in the middle of one?  Wear ear plugs? Feed them?  Sit them down in front of the tv?  Hold them?  Splash water on them? Read to them?  Pray? (trust me, did lots of that one already) All of the above?  Or none at all?

Help!  I welcome any suggestions you have. 

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