On Wednesday I was commenting on someone’s blog about the desire to be able to purchase only hormone-free milk and meat.  But how expensive it is and so how random those purchases are for us.  And then, lo and behold, the very NEXT DAY, He provided these:

Sorry for the bad photography.  But I just started participating in a food co-op started by a friend from Church.  They pick up food from a distribution center, bring it back and anyone who wants to participate chips in $20 and the food is shared amongst us.  That’s how God gave us this milk.  Not only were they next to nothing (when you figure in all the other groceries I got along with them) but they are HORMONE-FREE and organic.  It’s exactly the milk I wish I could buy at Trader Joe’s every week.  So their expiration was up that day, it hadn’t been opened and I’ve found that they usually stay good for almost a week after being opened.  And I only need a few days before my munchkins have sucked it dry. 

Thank you Lord!  I didn’t NEED it, but You provided it anyway. =0)