I realized there were a few pics I’d been forgetting to share.  Random, totally random. 

My friend Tess and I took our younger boys (bigger kids were in classes) to feed the ducks a couple weeks back. 

Tiger at work – unafraid


Tiger and “C” at work – afraid


Tess and I think we found the oldest, most worn out goose ever. You think you’ve gotten droopy over the years, take a gander at this gal!


Then we decided we stumbled upon some mighty polluted lake water.  All you had to do was take a look at the ducks.

Tess was strangely drawn to the particular beauty of this one.  I was just terrified and scarred for life.  He chases me in my dreams…  We think his papa was a turkey.

And check out these athletic duckies.  They were running all over the place.  Is is just us, or are ducks supposed to be a tad less… upright?  Amazing.  We were wishing our abs were that strong.

And then, in a quick switch in randomness, here’s a picture from Poppett’s and Monkey’s first day of workshop classes for the new school year. 

I think I’ll take pictures every year in this pose.  That way we can see the height differences change.  That is, if I can get them to touch each other in a few years.