I don’t know if you’re like me, or if you’ve ever had to bomb your home for bugs before, but it’s a big ol load work.  The bug bomb containers all make it sound like it’s as easy as brushing your teeth.  Just close up the house, put a bomb in each room, push each tab down and run like the wind outta there.


I’m here to tell you, it’s NOT that easy.  At least, it’s not that easy for a mother to do.  Not because I have a hard time laying out the bombs or setting them off.  And even opening up the house after all the bugs are annihilated, while a great exercise in holding one’s breath and again, running like the wind, is not that difficult.  But what is difficult is getting the house ready to bring young kids back into it.  And to add to that, I have boys.  Three BOYS.  B.O.Y.S. Did ya hear me?  Boys that I’ve caught licking their arms and legs (they were pretending to be cats).  Boys that I’ve seen slide their bodies all over the tile floors like human mops (this exercise I have never been given an explanation for).  Boys who think nothing of picking up melting pieces of dropped Popsicle off the ground and devouring them.  And Boys who I caught licking books for the first time this very day. 


And that’s just what I’ve caught them doing.  I shudder to think of all the disgusting horrors that go on while I’m not looking.


Catch my drift yet?  Now, I’m not 100% sure that those bug bombs leave residue but to my mother-mind, how on earth can they not?  And so, since I’m VERY familiar with the random habits of my three young boys, I must clean every single surface in the house.  Even the ones that they would only be able to reach by balancing a chair on top of a another chair, on top of toy fire truck and a Little People school bus.  It doesn’t matter.  It only has to be remotely possible and not at all realistic.  It must be cleaned.


So Bug Bombing includes covering couches and beds with sheets with all loose toys and beanbags stuffed between them.  Covering toothbrushes, eating utensils and anything else that might get put in a mouth.  Then, after keeping four young munchkins out of the house for 5 hours, giving the bugs plenty of time to die and the fumes time to air out, I return to vacuuming carpets, sweeping and mopping tile floors, wiping down every single surface in the house, uncovering all the items I buried and washing 18 loads of sheets and blankets that were used to do the burying.


So guess what I did yesterday? Yep, you guessed it.  I’m a hater of spiders and a glutton for punishment.