PWfmwbannerortion Control….

I hate it.  I really do.  I hate that I have to think about it.  Especially when I’m exhausted from a long, challenging day, the kids are now asleep and I finally have some down-time.  After days like that I want to fall into bed, pull the covers over my head, curl up in a fetal position and suck my thumb.  Oh wait! That’s what I want to do DURING those days!  No, at NIGHT, gone are the usual to-do’s and lists of things to prep for for the coming day.  Nope.  Instead, I want to grab the snack that’s worst for my body and go plop myself down in front of the tv – the worst thing for my brain. 

Here’s where my portion control issue comes in.  “They” say (and I’m not exactly sure who these people are but they are bang-on when it comes to me) that the mindless eating in front of the tv leads us to eat 3 TIMES the amount we usually would.  Yikes!  So I came up with a great invention to help curb this horrific fact of life….

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Earth shattering ain’t it?!  See, if I’m headed for the Doritos (and if they are in my house, chances are pretty good I’m headed for ’em), instead of dragging the whole bag with me to the couch, I just fill a plastic cup with them and put the bag AWAY! Far, far, FAR away.  I’ve found that not only do I eat less and I’ve satisfied my craving but I make that cup of chips last a long time.  Not the usual mindless scarfing that is the status quo. 

Now, you could fill it with whatever snack your little heart desires.  But if it’s something that is small, like m&m’s or chocolate chips, obviously, that big ol red cup is a tad bit too big of a portion and offers no control whatsoever (although delightful nonetheless).  So that’s where these lil puppies come in handy…

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These little Dixie paper cups (make sure you get the small ones.  They come in various sizes I’ve found out.  The hard way) are perfect.  Cram as many peanut M&M’s as you can into one of these and you’ll still end up with a nearly perfect portion (the perfect one being none at all.  After all, it’s after 8pm and anything you put in your mouth… well, you might as well directly apply to your hips). 

Dixie cups also provide the perfect snack holder for your toddler.  Sometimes those little Ziploc snack bags are too flimsy for a toddler’s unrefined motor skills.  Much frustration (and tantrums lets be honest) can stem from not being able to hold the bag open AND get a hand inside AND chase down the snack inside.  But a cup full of goldfish is easy to hold and no fish chasing is necessary. 

So what’s your late-night snack of choice?  Do you head for something specific or just grab whatever’s closest to the Lazy Boy and the remote?

Portion control cups are what work for me.  For more Works For Me Wednesday, head over to Rocks In My Dryer.