So, I’m reaching the end of my wordpress rope.  The reason?  I’m tired of the boring free backgrounds that wordpress offers.  It seems that there are all kinds of people who offer really cute, FREE backgrounds that you can apply to your blog… as long as you have just about any host but wordpress.  Apparently it’s wordpress’ evil scheme to make you upgrade (read FORK OVER THE MOOLAH) before you can start applying outside themes. 

Does anyone know a way around this?  Or am I missing something?  I would change my blog host but I hate the thought of having to relearn how to do everything.  Plus, I’m afraid I won’t be able to switch everything over properly and will loose some of my precious thoughts (ha!).  But I’m tempted.  I’m really tempted.  In fact, the very next time I have an extra 20 hours to devote to this issue, I’ll be trying some things out.

But in the meantime, I need your input.

First of all, am I wrong about wordpress?  If so, PLEASE let me know.  My first choice is to stay right where I am.

Second, who is your blog host?  What do you like or not like about them?

Third, have you had to switch hosts before?  If so, was it painless and fast?  Long, drawn out and full of drama?  Or somewhere in between? 

Please leave me some feedback.  Don’t leave this desperate girl hanging…. please!  Not only will I feel real lonely out here in Desperado-ville but I’m not known for being decisive.  That means I’ll be hanging out in Desperado-ville for a very long time; filing my nails, picking toe jam, fuming over wordpress, roaming the Internet for help and crying myself to sleep. 

You don’t have to answer all my crazy questions.  Pick any of them. 

I’m off to continue my search online.

p.s. Has anyone else seen this fabulous site?  Some of “my girls” have used them (April and Keri) on their blogs.  This design team have such creatively cute FREE blog designs, they are the sole reason I’m seriously considering Blogger… So Darn Cute!