or rather “crashed”.  That’s what our computer has done.  I’m thankful this is only the second time this has happened to us.  And the first for this computer (that we’ve had for four years).  I’m also thankful that Hubby has a friend from work who is, as we speak, pouring hours into trying fix it and prevent it from actually doing what it wants to do – which is dump everything it has on it’s hard drive.  I’m also thankful for Hubby’s little laptop.  It’s given me the ability to stay in contact with you all.  Limited and slow it may be but I’m still here! =0)

Can you tell I’m working on being content?  I am.  So I won’t tell you that I’m not bemoaning the fact that I don’t have access to photoshop, I can’t download photos, I can’t burn a disk yet of family photos I took for a friend (sorry Tess!),  I can’t touch up a photo and enter it into a display that is coming up in two weeks. 

Nope.  I won’t do it.

I’m trying to be content.

And I’m praying that Hubby’s friend will soon be my bestest friend in the whole world because he returns our computer to us, in full working order and with a contact hard drive.  I’m praying HARD!

In the meantime, I’d like to thank everyone who left fabulous advice for me regarding Tiger’s little night terror incident a few weeks ago.  I think almost everyone mentioned that missed nap times and changes to regular schedules were always behind their experience with night terrors.  And guess what we did that day before Tiger’s terrors?  Missed naps, were gone all day, and were camping.  So yes, he missed his nap and yes, his surroundings were different than normal.  BINGO!  Now I know what to NOT do in the future.  And should it happen again, while there were differing opinions on what to do during a terror, most affirmed what Hubby and I had done that night.  Take him potty, comfort him as best as possible and talk to him until he wakes up. 

Thanks everyone!

Happy news in the Runningamuck Household?  Well, first, there haven’t been anymore night terrors AND also, Tiger’s stopped sucking his thumb!  Yeah!!  Ladies, listen to your husbands.  Mine has wanted to take Tiger’s blankie away from him for a while now (because his mouth has gotten so bad from thumb sucking) and I kept balking at the idea.  Tiger only sucked his thumb when he had his blankie (which was whenever he was in bed) and as soon as he fell asleep, his thumb popped out and he slept without sucking it.  

Well, Hubby took Tiger’s blanket away from him last week when I was out running errands and he was the one home putting everyone down for naps.  Guess what? NO DRAMA!  NO TEARS!! NOT EVEN DRAMA-FOR-MAMA later that night when it was ME putting him down to bed.  It was amazing.  He hasn’t asked for it, he hasn’t had trouble getting to sleep.  And he hasn’t sucked his thumb.

Sorry Babe.

I should never doubt you. =0)

Just like you tell me all the time. 

And I scoff at your silly man-ideas.

Have I said I’m sorry?  I am.

Oh! And one more thing… remember God blessing my silly little want (not need)?  Well, He did it again.  He blessed me with another gallon of Horizon Organic Milk this week.  How amazing and loving is my Lord?!!  I’m totally humbled.  And Thankful.

How’s that for a smorgasbord of rambling?  But you notice, I came full circle…

back to thankfulness! =0)