Winter is coming gals…

I feel it, despite the 102 degree heat that I’ve been experiencing for the past few days.  I KNOW it’s coming and it’s like a sweet, sweet song to my ears, or rather, an ice cube to my burning skin.  Yes, oh yes.  Sweet relief is on it’s way.

Course, right along with the thought of winter coming, came the thought on winter skin.  Ugh!  It is a drawback to be sure, there always has to be a drawback.  Winter brings many skin issues to surface but this week, I’m only going to tackle one because it’s one that a. used to plague me and b. no one talks about (at least that I’ve been within earshot of).

Skin bumps on your legs.

Now some bumps are caused by things like eczema.  I’m not talking those bumps.  I’m talking, little ingrown hair bumps (if you are unsure if yours are caused by ingrown hairs, just gently scratch the top of one and if it is, a fine, little hair should pop out).  Over the years I’ve realized that I only get these during the winter months and only on my thighs.  As my subconscious continued to work on this thought, I came to this conclusion (I’m sparing you the details because they involve my thighs and my brain. The two things I try not to talk about to much because they both leave a lot to be desired)

Ingrown hairs are caused by the irritation of pants and the lack of shaving. Come on now, admit it, the minute the weather dips below 60 degrees on a regular basis, you save shaving for Saturday nights only… or Sunday mornings.  No one likes seeing leg hair poking out between the silky threads of pantyhose at Church.  

So last year as an experiment, I kept up on my leg shaving.  Although it wasn’t daily it was every other day. And guess what?  Virtually NO LEG BUMPS!  My legs were as silky smooth as they could possibly be (no amount of shaving will rid yourself of the cellulite I’ve found out). 

I dare you, try it out this winter.  You thighs and pantyhose will thank you.

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