Image PreviewIs it just me or does anyone else struggle to retype those codes after writing a comment on someones blog?  Not all blogs require it and I’m not sure what the technical words for them are.  But you know what I’m talking about – I hope.  Listen, I’m all about online safety and protecting your blog!  I really am.

But I find those codes more of an eye-test than a safety feature myself.  I’m seriously starting to think my ophthalmologist is lurking behind all these blogs I visit.  He’s trying to clue me into the fact that I need to come in for a new eyeglass prescription.  I just know it.  Hey, with the economy swirling down the toilet as we speak, maybe Doc is just trying to pay his rent.  Every $300 pair of glasses helps!

I’m I the only one who, on a consistent basis, goes through 2 or 3 codes at a time before I get them copied correctly? 

I’ll be calling my Ophthalmologist tomorrow… I’ve got to confront him.

And help him pay his rent.