It’s that time again…

I did fairly well this past week.  I’m holding steady, no additional loss but no gain either.  I’m still lacking in the exercise area.  I only managed to get my bootie moving a couple times this week.  So obviously this is the area I need to focus on this coming week.

Jen asked what keeps our motivation going towards our goals.  Well, one of them is the fact that I need new jeans.  But I don’t want to have to buy a bigger size.  I want to hold off, loose the weight, tone those thighs and go out and buy some nice new skinny-me jeans.  Not hoochie jeans mind you… just nice fitting, flattering jeans.  That will be my reward for reaching my goal.

Jen also asked if we have any mini-goals and if so, what are some mini-rewards when we reach those mini-goals.  I honestly hadn’t thought of this before but I think it’s a great idea.  So I decided to set weekly goals and the weekly reward I can grant myself when said goal is achieved.

This week, I don’t know if you know this or not but Thursday is Cold Stone’s World’s Largest Ice Cream Social (5-8pm).  WHY would I be offering this information on this particular post? Well, that day, they are offering free 3 oz cups of ice cream (two specific types to choose from).  They are hoping for donations to the Make-a-Wish foundation in return.  What better treat to reward myself for exercising every day up until Thursday?!  And it’s only 3 oz.  Nothing to set me back too far.  And it’s for a great cause.

Now, not all of my mini-rewards will be food related.  That would be bad.  So the rest of the time (unless I find out that someone is handing out free ice cream again), I’m going to reward myself with things like a pair of earrings, a manicure, a pedicure, a special little home decoration (it is Fall after all and all the new, cute decorations are killin’ me!).  These are all things that I don’t normally treat myself to.  But I’ll get to now as long as I exercise 4 times a week.Image Preview

I’m sooo looking forward to my ice cream treat!! =0)

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