This week I’d thought I’d gained a little.  I just felt it.  Even though I actually exercised three times! Yahoo!  I could have rewarded myself with the Coldstone icecream reward that I’d set up for myself but – now hold on to your seats everyone – I only had three teeney tiny tastes.  I was sharing with Lil Blue and that’s about all he would allow with me, the ice cream nazi that he is.  But I was amazed that I really was fine with it.  Anyway, I when I weighed today, I’d lost another pound and a half! WOW! I’m so excited!  I just wish I could see it… or rather, I wish I could see the empty space where it used to be. 

I did manage to get through three days without cokes.  That’s a big deal for me.  For me, if I had to choose between a big ol dish of ice cream (complete with whatever toppings you wanted) or a nice cold Cherry Coke complete with pebble ice, I’d pick the Coke 9 times out of 10.

A semi-win for me that happened this week came in the form of a steakhouse.  Hubby and I went with some new friends to have dinner at a local steakhouse.  Usually, I’d be all over a nice chunk of previously moo-ing piece o’ meat.  Like white on rice… that’s me on steak.  USUALLY.  But that day?  I calmly muttered through clenched teeth while sweat started to pucker up along my hairline ordered the SALMON!  Now, I’d like to say that I also ordered a nice side of fresh steamed veggies but I have to confess, I ordered the loaded baked potato.  Second confession about this meal?  While it was delish and I really didn’t miss my steak, I ordered it because the day before I had visited my orthodontist and had my braces worked on.  So I couldn’t have eaten the steak if my life depended on it (which is often how I feel about my consumption of steak… my life depends on me getting it into my belly).  Hence the reason for the potato and not the veggies.  I couldn’t eat those either.  And you may not believe me but I really would have preferred the veggies this time.  I would have felt so healthy eating them with my salmon.  I would have stood on my chair at the arrival of my plate, had Hubby whistle his eardrum-piercing shriek of a whistle, and announced the fact that I, surrounded by all you steak-eating, artery-clogging, I’d-like-a-slab-o-butter-on-the-side-please, UNHEALTHY cow-eaters, am eating fish and veggies and will live to be 327 years old!  But alas, I couldn’t.  I couldn’t have the veggies.  Plus, it would have been totally dishonest because on any given day it would have been ME devoring the plate-sized slab of steak with the side of butter and a heart attack.  I do love butter.

This week’s goal?  To again have a coke every other day and work out four times.  My reward?  A movie night with a couple of girlfriends this weekend.  Well, that was already on the books but if it’s my reward, then I can also participate in all the delightful snacky goodness we’ll have going on.  Particpate in a controlled way that hopefully won’t undo my coke rationing and tens thousands of minutes on the eliptical!  We’ll see.

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