**tap tap*** Anybody still here?  Probably not.  Wouldn’t blame you a bit.  Been going through sick kids and Hubby’s new work schedule of 12 hour shifts.  Not to mention the honeymoon stage of the school year has ended.  Some days I’d rather have my eyelashes plucked out, one at a time, while carp nibble the calluses off my feet than sit down with my three munchkins and their school books while the youngest runs around like an animal… and Daddy tries to sleep.  It’s great.  Really.

Actually, I DO love to homeschool.  I love getting the chance to praise my children for grasping a new concept, to challenge them with new ones, and to see how hard they really can work when they set their minds to it.  Just some days I’d rather burrow under the pillows, ignore the screaming as they run a muck and leave PBS on all day.  But only SOME days. =0)

I’m also taking a photography class and learning soo much.  My poor brain can only take so much and apparently it’s either camera skills or blogging… not both. 

Just teasing.  But it does occupy some of my precious free time. 

Let’s not even get into Looking Fine By 2009 (April, I need your help in a bad way!!  Can we try to motivate each other??!!).  For a week and half all my great habits I was establishing went down the toilet.  I place total complete blame on the monthly curse… so what if that’s only for a week?! I’m still recuperating, ALL RIGHT?! BACK OFF!!        Did you know too much junk food and soda and not enough real food makes you crabby?  I know, I know, you’d never have guessed that from ME.  But I just hide it real well.  But this one sentence will show you how bad I had it… Made myself sick, not once, but two nights in a row by eating popcorn and chocolate.  You betcha I’m a fast learner! Oy!

But, I’ve told myself I’m back on the wagon!  No more excuses and pathetic pity parties with only chocolate invited!  After all, I still need new jeans for the Fall/Winter and I don’t want to buy them in a bigger size than last year!  I’ve been holding off even looking for some because I wanted to slim down a tad and tone up beforehand.  What’s the fun of trying on jeans when your fanny hangs down almost to your knees?  I know they can do wonders with panels and such in jeans now and they have all kinds of “slimmers” but there’s not much that can help when the problem’s that big.  And gosh darn it! I’m tired of my old faded jeans!  I need me some new ones pronto! 

So once again, it’s goodbye to Cherry Coke and chocolate and hello to my elliptical and water.  Sniff, sniff.  It just hurts so bad….