and look what she brought me!

Okay not the teapot, but the tea.  This post is completely for my mom.  She LOVES this brand of British tea.  It’s her favorite from our years spent in England… in Yorkshire.  Maybe she’ll show up on my doorstep tomorrow with her teacup in hand.

But back to my new best friend, Kim.  She’s a Brit.  And get this, she’s been living in my neighborhood for a year!  Hubby stumbled upon her dad and his girlfriend while they were here visiting Kim for a couple weeks.  We ended up going out to dinner with them before they returned to England.  About a week or so ago, Kim came by for a visit and brought the tea for me.  We had a great time visiting and getting to know each other a bit over a mugs of tea.  I’m looking forward to more cups of tea together in the future. It’s great to hear someone from “home” and reminisce over all things British.

Anyone up for a cup of tea?? Mom??  =0)