Well, as you are aware from my earlier post, I’d fallen off the wagon for a couple weeks.  And because of it, I gained 3 pounds. Ouch!  But this week starts with me back ON the wagon. =0)

So this week I have lots of goals.  Well, lots of dreams but the reality is only a few goals that I can actually accomplish (dropping 2 jean sizes while sitting on the couch eating bon-bons isn’t one of them unfortunately).  So here they are:

* Drop soda intake to 4 for the whole week.

* Exercise 4 days this week.

* Get 8 hrs of sleep every night (that means I have to be in bed by 10pm)

I was trying to determine which one I’d struggle with the most but truthfully?  They are all hard for me.  Getting to bed by 10pm means I have to keep on top of everything during the day so that I don’t have a bunch of things to finish up in the evening.  It means skipping the 10 tv shows.  And tonight that’s Life, one of my new favorites.  *sigh* I can watch it tomorrow.  Only having 4 sodas this week means I have to cut my current intake in half.  In half my friends.  Ouch!  And exercising, well, it’s just hard to fit in especially with an earlier bedtime. 

But I can DO it!  As Jen pointed out, we’re halfway to the end of this challenge.  And while it is a new lifestyle I’m trying to create and not just a short-term thing, it means I have to keep my hynnie IN the wagon from here on out or it will all be for naught… no new lifestyle created, learned and made into a habit.  It’s do or die time.