but The Happening was one of the worst movies I have ever seen.  EVER.  Hubby and I had been warned but nothing could have prepared us for how bad it really was.  The writing, the storyline, the ending, the acting… not one part of that movie got even a semi thumbs-up. 

Why is that so hard to admit?  For one, M. Night Shyamalan has made some of my favorite movies.  The Village, Sixth Sense, Signs… all favorites of mine.  In weird way I even liked Lady in the Water, even though I’m probably the only one who does. 

The other reason? Marky-Mark Mark Walhberg. 

Mark Wahlberg, coming off an Oscar-nominated performance in "The Departed" (below), stars in "Shooter," opening Friday.

He usually does such a good job but his attempt at being a soft guy just didn’t work.  At all. Not even for a second.  I thought he was going to save the movie for me but after his first, painfully awkward sentence, I knew it was not to be.  Apparently he only does well with Tough Guy roles, with a dash of Nice Guy thrown in for good measure.   

My advice for anyone contemplating wasting two hours of their life on this movie? DON’T.  Run.  Run far away.  I don’t care how bored you are or how low your expectations are.  RUN the opposite direction.  If you don’t, you’ll only walk away with any respect you had for anyone involved in this movie totally shaken. 

But don’t worry, Mark.  I haven’t given up on you.  Not by a long-shot.  And to prove it to you, I’m not only eagerly waiting for Max Payne, I’m going to as Hubby to, brace yourself now, take me to the theater to see it!  GASP…. I know, shocking isn’t it?!  I just know you aren’t going to let me down twice in a row.