This week I’m afraid my WFMW is pretty simple… I’m okay with that. It’s just that “simple” lives very close to “lame”.  In fact, I think their apartments share a wall.  But here goes anyway.

I have a bad back.  I have scoliosis and my spine is in the shape of an “S”.  Yeah fun, right?  So needless to say, I struggle in the good posture department.  The realization of this fact is becoming more and more obvious to me each day.  So I’ve been trying to focus on it more and have come up with one way to help combat my lazy, I’m-too-busy-with-the-here-and-now-to-bother-worrying-about-being-permanently-bent-at-the-waste-when-I’m-65-ness.  And I think we as a culture suffer from bad posture so that’s why I’m passing along my little nugget of inspiration… or nugget of lameness…


When I get in my car, I sit as upright as comfortably possible, look in the review mirror, and adjust it so that I can see properly while in this position.  That’s it Folks.  Lame Simple, huh?!  But get this, because the mirror is already set up high, I’m conscious of every time I start to slouch or hunch over; I can’t see in my mirror!  I have to sit up straight again in order to drive properly. 

Simple… Lame, however you see it, it works for me and maybe it’ll work for you. 

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