I feel the need to share with you my new favorite shows.  I still have some old favorites:

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 All very near and dear to my little tv heart.  But here are a few new ones for me.

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Now, Bones isn’t a new show.  I’ve just not had a chance to see it much since it airs Wednesday nights while I’m at Bible Study.  But I’ve caught it enough now that I’m totally hooked and watch episodes on the computer.  It’s good ya’ll… real good.

The Mentalist is a new show this season.  And I’m hear to proclaim that I hope it stays for years, like X-Files and the Cosby Show and Survivor (can you even believe how long that show has actually survived??! No pun intended – well, maybe a little).  And that when it does eventually go off the air, that they air constant re-runs like they do for Everybody Loves Raymond and Seinfeld.  I’m just saying, I like this show a little bit.

I’ve seen both Simon Baker and David Boreanaz is previous shows, never thinking much of Simon but I did *heart* David (one word – BUFFY.  sigh ).  But they both are so great in these shows.  And Simon?  Well, he rivals Angel.  He really does. 

Speaking of great shows.  Am I the only one who even remembers this show?

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Wait, I think you need more pictures to refresh your memory…

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I can’t even tell you how irked I am that these pics are so small.  But if I took the time to make them bigger, this post would never make it to the published form and then you’d never get a chance to relive your Roswell love.  Com’on, I couldn’t have been the only girl out there that desperately wanted to help Max either stay on earth or fly away with him to… well, where ever it was he was from.  I cried when this show ended.  I really did.  Colin Hanks, Katherine Heigl, Adam Rodriguez, Emilie de Ravin… so many young actors still working TV today.  Jason Behr, where have you gone?  Are you coming back?  Can I go with you?  Can you make sure a fourth season of Roswell happens in 2009? 

Roswell was the reason I even heard of Dido.  I *heart* her too.  Let’s make this moment on memory lane last just a little bit longer…

I’m not even going to admit that I got full-body goosebumps when I watched that intro.  Or that I got them again the second, third and eightieth times too.  Nope gonna deny it till the cows come home.

Now, if someone hadn’t had gone and stolen my Dido cds… I guess I could go buy new ones… 8 years is probably long enough to hold out hope that the old ones would magically appear on my doorstep, right?

Umm, I think I got a little off my titled topic…