It’s that time of the week… and do I need to even write down that it was a difficult week?  Well, it was. In a word: CANDY!!  Actually a couple more words help sum the difficulty up also: Ginger Cookies and Pumpkin Dip.  Oh yes my friends, it’s my Fall curse.  But I’m going to turn it into a blessing by sharing the recipes for them with you all later this week.  Your taste buds will scream for joy but your hips may groan in protest… You’re not going to want to miss them!

Back to my weight.  I’ve held stead this week, no gain, no loss.  I held my cokes to one a day but my exercise and water intake suffered.  So that is my goal this week, get my booty moving DAILY and drink more water.  I won’t even approach the candy issue that has my home in it’s sugar-powered grip… it’s just going to be an issue for the next couple weeks until I can rid the cupboards of whatever is left.  But if I keep my focus on exercising and drinking my 3 liters of water daily I’m hoping the love affair with candy will leave a bit to be desired.  And that my love for the elliptical will grow.

My hopes for next week’s post?  I’m going to be super daring and go out on a limb here… 4 pounds lost!  That would only leave two more to loose and then I can focus on maintaining and increasing my muscle tone.  Ooh! How nice that will be! 

So here we go!  4 WHOLE POUNDS, I CAN DO IT!!!

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