I’m not one to write about shoes… Oh wait, I havemicah-toes-email-copy

Let me rephrase, I’m not one to write about infant early walker shoes.  Honestly?  I just really don’t think they are very cute.  Occasionally I see some really cute ones but the thing that always stopped me from purchasing them for my own walkers? Okay there are two things. One is the fact that I never had EARLY walkers.  All four of my children decided they’d rather be carried around a few extra months and not start walking until around 18-19 months of age.  Ridiculous and a thorn in my side at the time.  Now however, I would LOVE to be able to carry them around more.  My 7 year old though is getting a bit embarrassed by it so I had to promise her I wouldn’t do it anymore.  Anyway, by the time mine were walking, there wasn’t anything “early” about them and they were more than ready for full-blown shoes.  Those almost 2 year old arches were screaming for support under the weight of all that toddler chunk.

The second reason why all those early walker shoes is the fact that my children all have, let’s see, how do I put this delicately?  Well, they all have sweaty feet.  I’m sorry!  I’m not web-bashing my children.  It’s something we talk about as a family frequently and we’re all very secure in their sweatiness.  So the thought of my 18 month old wearing those little leather shoes with no socks or moisture barrier of any kind was just gross. And smelly.

HOWEVER!  I just caught sight of these little early walker shoes and if I found an extra $45 in the couch crevices I’d snatch ’em up like no-body’s business.  And if I hunted around in the other couch and in all the pants pockets and last years coats that haven’t been brought out of summer hibernation (don’t pretend this hasn’t happened to you.  We ALL find money months later in those coats!) and I was able to scrap together $180, I’d make all four of my children wear them.  Yep, even my daughter.  They are THAT cute!

This ends my Stride Rite commercial.