So, I had a big goal for myself this past week.  I wanted to lose 4 pounds andget some exercise of some kind every day.  What I didn’t take into consideration was a very sick 2 year old.  I did exercise three days out of this week which was good.  But the last few days have been a total washout, unless someone can verify that the 104.5 degree heat emanating from a 2 year old who is sitting on your lap, pressed up against your body and making you feel like you’re sitting in an oven, CAN in fact, burn off your own calories, not just his.  I’m hoping this is true.  

Weighing myself this morning was a let down.  Held even.  I’m hoping that was because I built up a little muscle tone in my abs since I worked them pretty hard this week.  You know, like maybe a pound or two of chiseled ab muscle?  Yeah, highly unlikely I agree. 

So my goal remains the same this week.  Work out everyday and loose 4 pounds.  My fixation of 4 pounds?  I have an awesome opportunity to be a “2nd camera” at a wedding this coming Saturday.  Nervous much?  You betcha!  Especially since it is my photography teacher who is “1st camera”!  AND it’s my first time photographing a wedding.  I have a great pair of brand-new black slacks that I bought for $8 earlier this year during an Old Navy clearance.  Problem?  I bought them a tad too small since that was all they had and I planned on loosing a couple inches anyway.  Saturday, I need those slacks to fit.  I refuse to spend money on a bigger pair.  REFUSE!!  I’m already going to need to beg/borrow/buy/steal a white button-up shirt and black sweater to wear over it.  (I’m kidding on the stealing part) 

I have no choice but to work my booty off on a daily basis, not even glance at a coke, drown my nerves and woes away in a water bottle the size of a washing machine.

Because OBVIOUSLY, this guy’s outfit is just all wrong… black slacks would’ve improved his image as a professional 10-fold:

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And if I’m going to have to get into positions like this guy, which I will if it’ll result in a fabulous picture… well, I’m gonna need to add Spanx to my list of “to find”:

Image Preview

On second thought, I need Spanx no matter how I move if I’m wearing those slacks!  Now to just find some on sale… a BIG sale.

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