On Veteran’s Day last week, I heard someone on the news say that each person in our military, both past and present, have in essence, signed a blank check that’s been made out to the Good Ol US of A when they enter into the military.  And that check is worth every inch of them, including and up to death. 

We have heard much about the death toll that’s taking place in our military since September 11th.  And while I firmly believe that we need to be kept up to date on those men and women who have given their lives in defense of our freedom (because YES! I do believe that the struggle on that side of the world directly relates to the safety of our little neck of the woods), I also believe that not enough attention has been given to those who have been injured while serving.  I’m not quite sure why.  My first thought was that it’s usually not a “pretty” side of the war.  But given our media’s current thirst for exposing all the ugliness and horror they can find, that may not be an accurate assumption. 

Despite the lack of media attention, there are thousands of men and women who are struggling every day due to their act of service for us.  My friend from college Christa, has a brother who is a perfect example of the overlooked heartache and struggle that we all take for granted.  Christa just put together a video series that will rock your world.  She put them together to help her brother David remember how far he’s come and just what a miracle he is.  And she’s sharing them with us. 

Warning: Keep your tissues close, you’ll probably need them.





There’s not much to add after watching them, is there?!  Please consider showing the videos to your children, no matter their age.  My four have watched them and it was amazing to see how each one really grasped, at their own level, all that David has and is going through.  I only had to emphasize to them how much of a hero he is because he was hurt while fighting in a war to protect America.

Why not find an injured veteran in your area to send a card or note of appreciation to?  Encourage your kids to make their own cards and notes to send to them also.  Better yet, add a few treats in there and make it a care package.  Or maybe the ultimate, don’t mail them… TAKE them.  And then commit to pray for them.  Don’t stick your head in the sand and pretend they don’t exist.  It’s honestly the very least we can do.

Remember, like David, they wrote a blank check and willing signed their name.  That check was made out to you.