I’m getting so behind on my posts!  I have so much to share and can’t because it’s “crunch time” here in the Runningamuck house.  Family arrives in just a few short days and while I’m giddy with excitement at the thought of getting a week to spend with them, I’m also frantic at the thought of all I need and want to get done.  Several of the “wants” have already been scratched off the list and I’m almost down to only “needs” now.  And yet I’m still having hiney cringes (as Pioneer Woman would say) at the thought of that big ol long list and my three short days!

BUT WAIT!! I have an AWARD from Jen at Daily Mish Mash!!! Get this, and you may not believe it, but I worked out EVERY DAY LAST WEEK!!! I can’t even believe myself. Although my muscles sure remind me every time I breathe move. 

Purdy, ain’t it?!  Amazing how motivated that there little medal made me last week.  The competition continues this week so you better believe I’ll have another one of these babies to post next week. 

I lost another pound last week and I only had a couple cokes.  Still need to step up the water drinking as I have a much easier time ignoring The Pull of the Cherry Coke when I’m sufficiently hydrated.  And while I’m not feeling smaller in my still-snug jeans, I do feel muscle starting to form.  That’s an easy thing to feel when you have exactly ZIPPO muscle to begin with.  And I want muscle tone way more than I want a toothpick body so I’m happy with that. 

Until next week… when you’d better see another medal. =0)