If you play Josh Groban’s “Noel” album loud enough while on a solo road trip, you can sing along at the top of your lungs (the truckers love to see any motions you might be inclined Image Previewtothrow in while in the midst of your dream-duet-world too) and still convince yourself that you sound JUST LIKE Faith Hill.

So what if it really is Faith Hill’s voice you hear and that you’ve just drowned out your own squeaky, off-key vocal cords?!  Hey, on a solo road trip, it’s your world Baby.

And no one puts me in a corner.  (Name that movie!)

Unless of course I’m singing at the top of my lungs.  But even then it’s not a corner.  It’s more like a coat closet… or tool shed… as far away from humans ears as possible.  Well, doggy ears don’t care for my singing much either.

It’s been a long time since I made a road trip on my own.  A veerrryyyyyy long time.  I think abut 8 years.  Usually I’m stopping for countless potty breaks or to release the kids to run off some energy before I completely lose it and Go to fullsize imageHubby has to check me into the Looney Bin while I calmly use those few minutes to bulldoze clean the trash out of the van.  This time was sooo different.  The time seriously flew by while I played Christmas album after Christmas album at top volume.  That sentence included two things I NEVER get to do: play my music for longer than 5 minutes (before swapping it out for Mickey’s Christmas album or a Veggie Tale sing along) and playing music LOUD.  And folks, it really was loud.  I had no fear of damaging tender young eardrums in the backseat.  Since I have a 2 second memory, if my own drums aren’t in tip top shape, at least I can blame my forgetting to pick up my teenage boys from baseball practice on the fact that I didn’t HEAR that they needed a ride to begin with.  Heh, heh… my brain may not be too sharp but it sure is crafty!  This ol girl is a planner

(Note to my mother and anyone else who is now concerned about my ears, no real drum damage was done during the road trip. I promise)

You might be wondering why I was able to make said road trip alone after so many years of traveling in a Pack. Image Preview Well, my wonderful Hubby sent me on my happy little way while holding back said Pack from chasing me down and attaching themselves to my various extremities as I walked out of the house.  He’s my hero.  Not only that, my road trip was supposed to only be a two day leave but he called the morning of the second day and told me to take a third day.  What a man!  What also needs to be stated is the fact that that third day involved him watching four additional children (that would mean eight munchkins under 9 for those of you keeping track) for a couple hours while my friend T picked up food for us at our food co-op.  I’m telling you, he not only earned enough points with me to carry him through all of ’09, he earned praise from T also. 

Back off gals, he’s MINE! =0)

Unfortunately the reason for my road trip wasn’t a happy one, well, I guess it just depends on your perspective.  My best friend from high school, M, her dad passed away the week of Thanksgiving after a year and a half long battle with cancer.  I’m so thankful I was able to make it to his Memorial service.  While it is heartbreaking to think of her family without him around (his pranks, goofy laugh, steadfast support and Godly example will leave a huge hole), you can’t help but rejoice through the tears, knowing that he’s free of pain and sickness and in the Presence of his Savior.  He’s going to be cookin’ up one whopper of a prank for us all when we join him. 

Gulp!  Hope he couldn’t hear my roadtrip serenades!  Oi! I can just imagine the razzing he’d give me over them. =0)