So it’s been a couple weeks since I posted my Looking Fine stats… let me start out by saying that over Thanksgiving I did AWESOME!  If I do say so myself.  My goal was to stay where I was, not losing but not gaining.  Well, I actually LOST three more pounds!  Whoo hooo!  Course I can’t take credit for it really… it’s called getting no sleep because of sick kids, having a slight touch of The Sicky yourself (thankfully just a touch) and also cooking, cooking and doing some more cooking!  I don’t know about the rest of you but when I cook, it lessens my appetite. 

Now, now, I can hear the jokes already but despite what you might think, it’s NOT because my cooking is bad!  Oh no.  I ate everything I cooked, I just couldn’t eat that much.  I love to cook so sometimes this saddens me.  But then I hop on the scale and I dance with joy and happiness. 

Course, then our out-of-town family members went home and regular life continued.  And now I’m afraid to step on the scale… but I’ll do it.  Just for you. 

Right now.

Keep in mind I haven’t even put a big toe on my elliptical since Thanksgiving…

Just warning myself…

Here goes…

Yay! I’ve only put back one pound.  So I’m still down two pounds from my last report.  And only four away from my goal.  Not bad. 

Course, that doesn’t address the issue of my cottage cheese thighs. 

MUST ATTACK ELLIPTICAL THIS WEEK.  I want that medal again from Jen at Daily Mish Mash.  I’ve missed the sweet smell of victory these last few weeks.