When I posted about our sugar cookie recipe, I promised pictures…

Here’s the cookie “painting” in action:cookies-08-anna-painting-email1

If a two-year old can do it, then ANYONE can do it!cookies-08-micah-email1

Sometimes you might end up with a really funky colored one, like this poor snowman:cookies-08-funky-email3

But that’s what you get when the artist is the two year old.  But don’t worry.  He’s going to be a beautiful work of art by the time we’re done with him (the snowman that is, not the two year old)cookies-08-micah-2-email1

Pardon our baking mess.  You can see some of our egg yolk paint selections:cookies-08-chaos-email1

 Mr. Funky Snowman is looking better.  Here he is, fresh out of the oven:cookies-08-funky-baked-email1

Here are some of the others cooling on the counter.  I love how a little oven heat just makes the yolk paint colors POP and become bright and shiny.  cookies-08-baked-email

And now the finishing touches: a little piped white icing and a few Red Hots and PRESTO!  Mr. Funky Snowman looks nice and tasty!


Here are some more of the finished cookies.  We stuck to only Red Hots this year.  I like how they look, they taste fabulous with the sugar cookie and they aren’t round… so you don’t have to worry about them rolling to every nook and cranny in the house if when they get dropped on the floor.  cookies-08-finished-2-email1

We bake one batch of them without the yolk paint and just drizzle the icing and place the Red Hots for kicks.  I love how they look too; simple yet classy.  If a sugar cookie can even be categorized as classy.  But whatever.  I like how they look.cookies-08-finished-email1

Stay tuned to see how we used all these cookies today…