My SIL, Becca, and I decided to start a new Christmas Eve tradition.  We tried it out today and it was a huge success.  We bagged up all our cookies, added a candy cane and Poppett, our resident snowflake creator, added snowflakes and message tags.  We took them to a nursing home this morning for the munchkins to hand out.  



A couple young friends came along to help us which was very sweet of them.  These two girls are about as good an example a mom could ever find for her young daughter to be around.  And Poppett absolutely adores them. 

(Please pardon the quality of these photos… I was a tad distracted)


That’s Becca and her munchkin, LittleMan.  He’s one.  And overflowing with cuteness.  Should be illegal to be as cute as he is.  I love it that I could take pictures of HER and not have to put myself in any of them.  She’s waaayyyy more stylish than me.  Poppett’s the purple blog and Tiger is the beanied boy to the right.  They overflow with cuteness too.

The kids did so great!  I was so proud of them.  They were excited to pass out the cookies they’d created and wish everyone Merry Christmas.  Poppett even put up with a few tight hugs from a couple of the ladies without batting an eye.  Can’t say she exactly hugged them back but at least she didn’t run screaming from the room.  And those sweet, slightly-titch-ed-in-the-head ladies didn’t notice.  Everyone was so happy to see the kids and thrilled with the treats. 

We’ll be going back for sure. 

As we were walking out, Tiger asked why everyone was sitting in the chairs with wheels.  I gave him a brief explanation about how wheelchairs help people who’s legs don’t work very help them get around instead of being stuck in bed or a regular chair all day.  “Yes Mom, that’s right” he replied and then proceeded to lecture me on all the benefits of wheelchairs, in a nice loud voice, as we walked down the halls, as if it were I who had asked the question in the first place!  That kid! I’m telling you, he’s like that all the time.  He’s going to be a tricky one to teach in a few years…


This is Lil Blue handing out a treat.  He LOVED doing it and would start pushing to be in the front of the pack if he felt his turn had been passed over.  He even let a darling old lady hold his hand.


Here’s Poppett having a turn.  I have to tell you, she loves older people, she would’ve set herself down with one of them in heartbeat and stayed the day.  Except, well, she has a slight issue with all things medical.  Doesn’t even have to be real life.  I once showed her a drawing (black and white mind you) of an inner ear when she was four and she about tossed her cookies.  She couldn’t even look at it.  And she holds true to that pattern to this day.  So I was very impressed with her composure today.   Although I wish I could’ve had a picture of her in the car later when I was explaining about leg amputation. 

Biology is gonna be SOOOO fun with her!  ** snicker **


Here’s the “All-Knowing-After-You-Gave-Him-The-Explanation” Tiger.  Just look at this sweet lady’s face!  I love it.  And who wouldn’t smile like that when looking at Tiger… smarty he may be but dang, is he ever good-looking.  Too bad you only get to see the back of his noggin.  You’ll just have to trust me and this lady.  She wouldn’t lie.  Tiger had a grand time being the object of so many smiles like this.  He ate it up with a spoon and loved every minute of it. 

Look, here he is again… hogging all the attention…


Then there were the slightly less than a gazillion questions that the kids had for me on the way home.  Why were so many of them were sleeping in their chairs? Why could they not give some of the people treats (diabetes would have been the short answer but Tiger had lecture us some more on the topic after I was done with my explanation)? How come some of them had no legs past their knees? (I really felt for the poor man who got all the munchkin stares.  I kicked patted the ones closest to me and then hissed loudly quietly whispered to all of them how it was impolite to stare… it’s okay to look but not okay to keep looking.)  Why were some of the ladies getting those things put in their hair? (we’d stopped by the “salon” where a few ladies were getting their curlers put in.  I thought Lil Blue’s eyes were gonna pop outta his melon while he stood there checking out the sweet lady under the dryer!lol)  Why did some of the people have bibs?… the list was endless!!! 

And of course, Tiger kept his own running set of explainations going in the back seat after hearing the answers from me.  Hmmm…. me thinks I might have some competition here…

Merry Christmas everyone!  Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow, celebrating Jesus’ birth with your family and friends!