The Runningamuck household has grown by one since yesterday. 


Isn’t she adorable?  This is Lucy Bear.  She’s an 8 week old Boxer and she has such a good temperament.  She loves the kids, despite their overwhelming and exuberant attention.  Last night (her first night) was better than I expected.  She cried some each time I had to close her door but only for a few minutes.  Then she’d settle herself down and go to sleep.   She plays hard and then crashes hard!  That girl can sleep through anything! lol  

(Pardon the bad pictures, I took them before I had my coffee and the moving subjects didn’t help… my brain was moving several seconds slower than they were!)

lucy-2-email  lucy-4-email

We’re totally and completely smitten.  Well, all but Hubby.  And he really is too… he’s just questioning his rush to action yesterday when he saw her litter for sale on the way home from dirt-biking.  Our wonderful friend who was with him “encouraged” him to bite the bullet  err, make the purchase. 

I can’t promise the next few days won’t be filled with puppy/children pictures.  I’ll fight it, I promise but I’m weak you guys.  WEAK!  I won’t even admit how many pictures I’ve taken today since I’ve had my coffee. 

It’s like having a new baby!  I’m tellin’ ya, people come by to visit and meet her… everyone wants to hold her… people send congratulating notes…  

I do have to admit though, there haven’t been any gifts.  And we don’t have pacifiers and burp rags strewn all over the house.  We also don’t have a wipe/diaper stash in every corner of the house just in case.  No bassinet in our bedroom (although I’m sure Lucy wouldn’t have complained at all) and I can sit with no tenderness what-so-ever.  My chest isn’t leaking like a sieve and my clothes still somewhat fit.

Although, I do have to admit, having a new baby to blame the old bowl-of-jelly-belly on would be a nice… but no, I can only blame my flabby gut on my Christmas over-indulgence. Darn!

Welcome Lucy Bear!!  You have some mighty big paw-prints to fill but I think you are gonna do just fine…  (I can hear the farmer from the movie Babe saying, “That’ll do Pig, that’ll do”. )