and has taken on the form of our 5 year old, Monkey.  The last few days it’s become apparent that his vocabulary Image Previewhaschanged.  And not in a bad way… per se.  Unless of course you find that using the words “awesome” and “dude” at least 673 times every hour are a bad use of the English language. 

The jury is still out on it for me personally.  

One minute it makes me chuckle to hear him.  Because people’s names are too juvenile all of a sudden and instead he’s opting for a more studly, male-connection term.  And it seems, overnight, he’s gone from a young 5 year old boy who thought things were “great” and “amazing” to a slightly older 5 year old boy (who longs to be a 17 year old, driving, skateboarding, surfing, dirtbike riding, bronc-busting Image Previewstud) who now thinks that everything is “cool” and “awesome”. 

But then the next minute, it’s like dragging my knuckles against a cheese grater.  I mean, who does he think he is?  He’s FIVE for goodness sakes!  Is it even appropriate for a 5 year old to call all his pals “Dude”?!  Shouldn’t there be a rule against that somewhere?  Anywhere?! 

I’m not ready to jump ahead 10 years.  He’s my baby after all and after 9 months of acid reflux, sugar cravings (and the added inches to my hips to prove my lack of will power), swollen ankles and 8 hours of drug-free labor and a craaaazy midwife – I deserve to have a little boy around for a few more years before I have to trade him in for a Image Preview“tween” model.  Gosh darn it!

But then I see him taking huge steps in responsibility… having to earn trust back after learning the hard way that dishonesty never pays in the long run… seeing him help his younger brothers learn to sound out letters and reading books aloud to them… learning new chores around the house and yard – and learning to do them without complaining even though they may not be ones he likes… getting his first real tool set that he totes around with Dad, learning how to fix things around the house… waiting for his little brother to get in the van and each and every time, buckling him in without being asked… and I realize, this getting older isn’t such a bad thing.  

I think I can put up with the “dude”s and the “awesome”s.   Even if used way to often. 

Image PreviewBecause it’s part of the process.  He’s on his journey to manhood.  And I don’t want a baby around forever.  Our goal is to raise Godly, independent, morally sound, productive members of society.  I can’t go to battle against the baby steps he takes along the way to become the very thing we’re raising him to become!

But I also don’t have to hurry it…

 Said “Dude” just came running up… crying because his two year old brother just beat him up…

Yeah, I’m thinking there will be lots of baby steps still to come.

He’s not ready for college quite yet.