Our friends Mark and Angie were hit with a major blow yesterday…

They found a new bleed in Mark’s brain that the doctors are calling, “catastrophic” and there is nothing more that can be done for him.  Yesterday was a day a constant crying out to the Lord to lift up Angie and Mark and their 6 year old son.  I started working on a post to update you all and ask for continued prayer for them as they go through these last few days of Mark’s life. 

Do I even need to state the fact that my heart is breaking for Angie?  As a wife and mother, how can it not?  They are young…. their son is young…. and their lives will never be the same. 

I’ve been thinking about what these next few weeks will be like for Angie.  I can’t really but I try.  And all I can do is pray for God to comfort her and bring her HIS peace.

Last night was the first night back at my Women’s Bible Study.  We’ve been studying Psalms and tonight, instead of speaking on the chapters we’ve studied this past week, they showed us a video. 

Yeah, that’s what I thought too at first.  B-o-r-i-n-g.  Snoozeville. What are they thinking?  It’s after 6:30pm and they’re turning the lights down?!  I wasn’t sure I could keep my eyes, exhausted from a full day of 4 kids and a “potty-training” puppy, open in those kinds of circumstances.

But the video they showed was of Louie Giglio from his How Great Is Our God tour.  And it’s amazing.  But even more amazing than that, is the perfect timing that this video came to me.  That alone speaks volumes to gut-wrenched soul.  And I dumped my original post and am bringing you this instead.  Because it’s waaayyyyy better. 

It’s long.  At least, in blog post perspective.  YouTube has it in 5 portions.  But don’t break it up and watch snippets throughout your day.  If you have to wait and come back tonight, after kids are in bed and you can really focus on the message as a whole – do it.

Having it broken up is bit distracting and I’m sorry.  But just bear with me here… you’ll be blown away by this video(s). 

Angie and Mark are included in this promise of God’s.  Please lift them up in prayer with me…