I’m joining in Brandi’s random photo linky… 

You are to go to your photo folder for May, find the 21st picture and post that picture on your blog. 

Without further ado, here’s my 21st picture from my May photo folder….


This is Tiger at the big Cowboy Dinner during our trip to Sedona, AZ.  The annual trip for us is always a highlight of the year but this was our first time doing a Cowboy Dinner/Show.  It was so much fun.  If we can afford it, we’ll do each trip. 

Look at the size of his plate! Egad was it a ton of food! Each kid had a plate like this and the refills were flowing freely!  It was amazing.  Just look at his eyes… sometimes the way to a boy’s heart is the same as the way to a man’s.

Be sure and check out all the other random photos on Brandi’s site.  And while you’re there… take a gander at her handsome boys and beautiful twin girls. 

Everytime I catch a glimpse of pink over there, my ovaries start twitching.

Consider yourself warned and don’t blame me when your’s start up too.

If you’re a man, please ignore that comment.

If you’re my husband, please REALLY ignore that comment.