That’s what this post is going to do folks.

Not because I don’t want to make them two separate posts.  It’s just that on their own, they’d be mighty short, although significant (at least in my world).  Plus, they are linked together naturally. 

I was watching Dane Cook’s “Rough Around the Edges” last night. Dane Cook by idatedthedrummer.  And while I love Dane, I have to confess that most of what I’ve watched of his comedic routines are highly edited for tv.  I’ve heard his un-edited stuff is not very, err, umm, well, let’s just say some of his stuff needs to be edited. Catch my drift? 

Anyway… last night he was hilarious.  Side-aching, face-sore, crow’s-feet galore.  And that was just the 30 minutes I saw before I fell asleep!

Sadly, I’m serious. 

Yep, that’s my life now.  If it comes on at 10pm, chances are I’m not gonna make it to the end without drool pooling beneath my head nodding off now and then.

BUT!!! And here’s the part that connects to the second bird so that this one stone post will knock both out at the same time…   During the part I did see, Dane happens to mention his favorite tv show.  Can you guess what it is??

Can ya? Can ya??



I love LOST.  I miss LOST.  TV just hasn’t been the same these loonnnggggg months between LOST seasons.  I’m just as eager for the next 32 questions to begin plaguing me, like it does with each new episode, as ever.  

Have I forgotten what happened last?  YES!!

But that’s okay.  It actually helps because it means I’ve forgotten what my last 32 questions were and am therefore, starting with what one could call a fresh Sawyer SLATE! I meant slate!

Did you know the season premiere is January 21st?  It is.  Just want to be sure you don’t forget.