Hey WFMW-ers! It’s been awhile since I’ve contributed.  And to tell you the truth, I’m not sure what I’m sharing today really qualifies as a contribution.   But what the heck, I’m going to pretend that the information I am about to type will leave you astounded and amazed. 

So hold on, I’m about to knock your socks off.



Yep, I’m sharing about Crisco today.  Now, Crisco has many glorious uses.  One of them being my delish biscuit recipe.   But today’s tidbit of Crisco knowledge has nothing to do with food.  Can you guess?

It’s eczema.

Yep.  Crisco is your ingredient to eczema relief. 

My son, Monkey has eczema.  Well, psoriasis to be exact.  Thankfully it’s purely a season thing.  But this winter has been especially hard on his skin for some reason.  He hasn’t had just a few patches.  No, it’s got him covered from head to toe.  No joke.  So it goes without saying that during the last month we’ve gone through just about every treatment we can find in our research, just searching for some relief for him.  And the answer we’ve found is Crisco.

It’s cheap, it’s easy to find (I had to walk all the way to my kitchen pantry, phew!) and it works just as good as any of the other treatments.   Don’t worry, we keep a separate container for Monkey’s Crisco (I don’t want any of you worrying when you stop by for some eatin’ at my house).  He gets slathered up morning and night right now since he’s in a big break out. 

Now, let me just clarify.  We didn’t try the Crisco until Monkey was already in a full break out.  So it wasn’t that the Crisco didn’t prevent the break out.  We’ll be able to test that after this one gets cleared up and see if it’ll work well enough to nip any future beginning break out in the bud. 

So remember, when that dry, itching, winter eczema kicks in… just reach in the pantry for some Crisco.

                 Cover for a cookbook with all the recipes using Crisco. Free cookbook giveaways were a key part of getting housewives to trust using Crisco.                                     (Courtesy

                               … and now for excema zapping!

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