A couple weeks ago, Pioneer Woman and her husband, Marlboro Man, offered to pay for several Compassion sponsorships of older children if there were people willing to step up and and be the correspondents.  I emailed the Compassion contact, as hundreds of other readers did too I’m sure.   Older children often go unsponsored.  As one who has worked in the foster care system, that doesn’t surprise me.  Those lil munchkins running around with huge eyes and no shoes grab at our hearts.  The aloof teen in the background?  Not so much.  We dread our own teens, never mind some one elses.  Many of these teens have grown up with war all around them.  Poverty is a given but not parents, education or any sense of security.  That’s a hard life.  And without the help of sponsors, these teens will continue to grow up this way with no hope for a different future.  That’s why teen sponsors are so important.   Fast action must be made to reach these children before they are adults.   

Well I got an email this weekend saying that our child’s packet would be arriving in the mail in just a few weeks!  I am just blown away. 

I’m blown away first of all at the generosity of P.W. and M.M.  That’s a huge gift right there folks.  

I’m blown away at the thought of getting to have such a personal connection to a needy child living in a strange and foreign land.  My children, while we’ve worked hard at exposing them to the needs around us by working through our church to help the homeless in our town, they live a pretty cushy life.  So I’m excited for them to be exposed to a whole new way of life… a way of life that involves pain and suffering but that now will also involve food, clothes and education.  What an awesome thing to be a part of.

I’m also blown away by God.  Continually.  See, Hubby and I had actually discussed sponsoring a child through Compassion at Christmas time.  We had decided that we just didn’t have the whole amount needed.

But NOW!!  NOW we are able to be a child correspondent even without the money! 

It’s amazing.

Truly amazing.

Our God is awesome.

And that’s all I got to say about that.

Well, except, “Thank you P-Dub and M.M.!!  We are sooo greatful for this gift!   If you’re ever in need of some extra hands around the ranch, well, look no further.  We won’t even turn our nose up at the nasty jobs.  Nope.  We may get rreeaallll pale-like and shaky… maybe even a tad green but we’ll do ’em.  I’ll even help with the manure-clad laundry… it’s the least we can do to show our appreciatation.