Just thought I’d share this with you guys.  Thank you so much for keeping Angie and Nolan in your prayers.  Please keep it up.  They are going to need it for a long, long time.

As a side note, the music that the slide show plays to is by the band MOI.  Go check them out here

As a side to my side note, Hubby and I know Moises (lead singer) from our college days.  When Hubby and I bought our first house after a year of marriage, it was Moises who was our faithful tough-job helper.  Man, did we ever work him.   All I can say is he has a great heart, he was really desperate for money (what college student isn’t?) and he was a slight glutton for punishment. =0) 

I can still see him, straddling a 4  foot wide hole he had dug around a particular stubborn oleander root ball, trying to arm wrestle it loose…

It took him two afternoons to get it out.

And that was during his working out, body-building stage.

Yeah.  It’s a wonder he even still speaks to us when he sees us coming. 

I think we owe him a few hundredseveral album purchases to make up for all the abuse he endured.  Course, we don’t have the money for it now anymore than we did way back then.  But ya’ll heading over there and purchasing your own copies would sure help.  Be sure to tell Moises that I sent ya and that your purchase is to help make up for that dang oleander. 

Hope you enjoy getting to know Mark and Angie little more…