and the loonnnngggg wait is finally over.

Speaking of cupcakes….

Lost Cupcakes by katipeck.

I’d like to say this is my creation…

But I can’t. 

And I’m disappointed that I didn’t see this picture earlier because I just MIGHT have made these for tonight’s season premiere…

Okay maybe not.  Not when I’m the only one watching the show and therefore, the only one who would be eating said cupcakes. 

Instead I’ll probably settle for a bag of Doritos and a Cherry Coke.  Because it’s so much healthier and thigh-friendly.

Can I share a “thought-mare” I’ve have in the back of my head this past week with you? 

I keep having a horrible thought flash through my head that I actually forget about the LOST Premiere tonight and wake up tomorrow morning with the crashing realization that I missed the most fabulous episode EVER.

That thought makes my stomach churn with anxiety you guys.

It makes my heart race and my sweat glands start to well-up with panicked perspiration. 

It makes me start researching TiVo.

It makes me want to leave ABC on all day long because my research has dug up the fact that TiVo is waayyyy outside of our budget.

It makes me set the alarm on my cell phone… just in case. 

Tune in tomorrow to find out if my thought-mare came true…

Happy LOST watching tonight everyone!!