We’re only 10 minutes into the LOST premiere and I’m already freaking out! 

Daniel was on the island in the beginning??  Was that time travel or is he a freak of nature like Richard who never ages?

Moving the island caused it to go back in time??

How far back are we talking?  Obviously waayyyy back since the Orchid Station disappeared from around Locke.

At this rate, my head is going to relocate, like the island, right off my shoulders within the next hour and 50 minutes. 

And I LOVE it!

Oh wait!  Just as I was going to post this, the drug plane crashed on the island!  So that’s a little bit of a timeline… what if he’s able to save the priest?  Will changes they do now, affect the future that techinically has already happened?

Oh man, oh man this mental chaos is what I’ve waited 8 months for!!