Four munchkins birthdays + budget = homemade cakes 

 It’s an equation that is a fact of life here in the Runningamuck household.  Every birthday I’d slave over the cake, staying up all hours the night before the big event, cramming to get it all done.  I wanted that cake to knock the socks off that birthday child.  Socks are flying off feet all the time in my house, so the least they could do is fly off in awe and wonder at my labor of love. 

Well, I’m here to tell you that my cake decorating days are over – in a good way.   Because this year I discovered Hello Cupcake:

Hello, Cupcake!

It is seriously the best cupcake book EVER!  Just don’t ask how many I’ve actually read because then I’d have to confess it’s the only one. 

But that’s neither here nor there…

I made the pup-cakes that are on the cover for my 2 year old’s birthday and he LOVED them.  The amazing part is they actually looked just like the picture!  There are cupcakes for all themes and holidays and they will seriously blow you away.  

The best part for me is that all the “recipes” call for pre-made items.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I’m a firm believer in making things from scratch to drop unnecessary preservatives and chemicals and also the price!  Scratch is almost always cheaper.  That being said, birthday parties are a whole other ballgame.  There is so much to plan, bake, prepare, clean, create (almost everything is homemade at our parties to save moolah) that when it comes to the cake/cupcakes, if it saves me time, I’m willing to fork over a few more dimes.  It means I actually get a whole night of sleep the night before the billions of  10  2 year olds invade my house.  That’s the difference between sanity and a padded cell in my world.   “Hello Cupcake” calls for store-bought icing (regular ol Betty Crocker or Pillsbury or The-Cheapest-Icing-On-The-Shelf) and candy.  Yep. Candy.  You seriously have to check out the book just to see the amazing things you can do with candy. 

And something I just discovered?  They have a blog.  A BLOG everybody.  That means even more ideas, creations and help just a mouse click away!  And you can submit your own photos and ideas too.  Check out cupcake blog in all it’s glory here.

Cupcakes vs. cake?  Well, when you have younger munchkins, the whole idea of having a slobbery, germ-filled, possible snot-flaked candle blower is enough to turn even the strongest sweet tooth from the dessert table.   To be able to restrict the candle blowing to his/her own cupcake means I get to eat a cupcake, without having to worry about what nastiness is crawling around in my icing.  AND it means I can send the extra cupcakes home with the guests and not have a fridge full of cake for the next week that I whittle away at it in the evenings… gaining 10 lbs in the process. 

Cupcakes are a win-win. 

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