As you can tell, my “thought-mare” didn’t come true.  Phew!  What a relief! 

But my brain is so overwhelmed I can’t even do a recap.  Or at least one that makes any sense what so ever and isn’t just me rambling on and on all the while just trying to sort things out… out loud. 

Oh wait.  That’s what all my posts are like! 

Silly me.

Really though, I’m just going to let everyone else try to sort this one out for me.  I think my brain is plain out of shape after 8 long months of LOST-lessness.   I guess I have to warm up to the high brain activity LOST requires. 

Man, is Hubby going to enjoy that sentence.

Point is, this week, I’m reading all YOUR recaps for insight into the delightful chaos those two hours wracked on my poor, slow, out-of-shape brain.

I had a bit of a distraction too.  Lucy was feeling a tad neglected in the light of LOST so I ended up fighting this off all night:


And this:


(She’s in mid-bounce here and that would be a cow hoof in her mouth.  Please don’t ask me to explain it.  For some reason she likes chewing on it and I’m desperate for her to chew on anything that isn’t human… or on a human… or near a human…)

As a little more proof of the abuse my hands were subject to for the first whole hour of LOST, I present:

 Exhibit A: The Fanglost-companion-4

Just when I was ready to toss her outside on her ear because I was having to listento LOST more than watch LOST and because she was running around like a rabid bat outta hell and had knawed my hands down to bloody stumps… she, well, she pooped out:


Somehow the bloody stumps don’t seem so bad when she looks like this.  Look at her bottom lip.  It cracks me up. 

LOST does too – crack me up that is.  Like Hurley’s comment to Sayid,  “Maybe if you would eat more comfort food, you wouldn’t need to go around shooting people.” 

LOST also perplexes me and makes my head hurt. 

So I’m off to read some brilliant recaps because mine is not.