Ann Kroeker, who is an awesome blogger and just about as sweet and insight-rich as they come, recently posted about the best cheese discount ever recorded by man woman. 

It was such a good deal that it I ran out to my own Kroger-brand grocery store to see if I could jump on the cheese bandwagon too.

Unfortunately, all my store’s best cheese deals were gone. 

But I did find these:


Can you see all the prices?  Even though I didn’t get cheese, I was very thankful for everything I found.  And I actually got two of the jello-fruits.  I just wasn’t fast enough with the picture taking and four hungry little munchkins devoured them before I could drag the camera out.  The Cream of Tartar is normally $4.99 and I got two for 75 cents each! 

Ahhhhh! Just looking at this picture sigh with happiness.  It’s not everyday you strike a good find like this… that’s why I love it so much. 

Any great finds lately for you?  Food OR otherwise?