I DID watch LOST this week.  I just haven’t written about it… until now. 

Part of the reason is that I have four sick munchkins who are slowing draining the lifeblood from me. . . drop by drop. I love my munchkins dearly but glory be!  The amount of whining, crying sky rockets when illness strikes.  And don’t forget the random demands to be held by 2 year olds who have never known life below the 90th% on a growth chart.  Random though the requests may be, they can usually be counted upon to strike at moments when you are LEAST able to comply with the pitiful yet alarmingly loud demand.  You know, like when you’re teaching 2nd grade math, stirring dinner on the stove and talking on the phone all at one time… err… not that I’ve done that before. That was just an exaggerated example.

Any hooo, I’ve been distracted.  But not so distracted as to have missed LOST.  Nope, all my sweet, hacking and snotty munchkins were slathered in Vicks and tucked in bed with the humidifier running on high loonnggg before LOST started.  Had to allow time for them to fall asleep before the show started to eliminate the chance of potty runs and calls for water. 

The other part of my delayed review of LOST this week is, well, I was just blown away.  On one hand, we found out a lot of interesting little facts.  But on the other hand, we added to our pile of unanswered questions without answering any old ones.  Now, before all you smart LOSTies pipe in with all the great answered questions that I missed, you have to remember something…

I am of simple mind.

Oh, I’m not downing myself.  I’m right smart in lotsa ways.  But when it comes to things like LOST, well, sometimes I feel like I’m just along for the ride. 

And I like it that way.

I fear my head would explode otherwise.

Lets see here… we found out the Others speak Latin.  It’s their “secret” language. Oooohhh!  Aaahhhhh!

We found out Richard really IS old.  I was torn on whether he was just time traveling like a madman or actually ageless.  The Island is apparently great for HIS health.  Too bad that can’t be said about everyone who visits.

We found out the military has been to the Island in the early years and The Others used their uniforms.

We found out how Richard knew to look up Locke as a child… because Locke told him to during one of the Islands time-traveling flashes.

Jacob is someone who has been in power for a loonnggg time.  We know this because Locke used his name as leverage with Richard, two years before Locke was to be born, and Jacob’s all-mighty name hit home with Richard. 

We know Daniel has actually been the time-traveling madman, not Richard as earlier thought.  And what would have been a sweet confession of love to Charlotte was tainted with the knowledge that he’d abandoned his previous love when she was rendered incapacitated years before.   I’m not sure if they actually said it was caused by one of his experiments or not but they definitely strongly hinted it if not. 

Ummm, his kinda love I could do without.

PLUS, Penny’s dad, Widmore, has footed the bill for Daniel’s incapacitated ex-love.  Hmmm, must be because he’s been supporting Daniel and his time-travel research.   But we already were thinking that since Daniel came in on the freighter that was sent by Widmore to hunt down everyone on the Island. 

So is Daniel bad?  Jury is still out on him.  I WANT to like him and trust him… but he’s gonna have to do some relationship mending to win me over.   Saving Charlotte wouldn’t hurt either.  He DID promise her that he wouldn’t let anything happen to her… it be nice to see him keep that promise.  But it sure doesn’t bode well since she was looking pretty dead when we last saw her.

Okay, my brain is already starting to sizzle and I’m smelling smoke so I’d better stop here.  I realize this is probably pretty rudimentary for a lot of you LOSTies… I apologize and I promise, I’m heading straight for you blogs to be enlightened.

As soon as I locate a fire extinguisher. 

Your plethora of random fact connections, name origins and hidden meanings is sure to send my poor brain into overdrive and deem the safety measures necessary.