I’m a day late for this but I’m still joining in.  It’s just too fun.  Hosted by the lovely 4 Little Men and Girly Twins, this week we were to pick our 44th picture out of our November ’07 photo folder.  I had several folders for November… what can I say?  It’s a big picture month.  But half of them didn’t count because they were actually October photos that I didn’t download until November.  Oops. 

But I’ll quite typing and just get on with the picture!  Here it is. 


It’s a picture of Lil Blue, at 14 months, trying desperately to get back on the carousel.  Before you start feeling bad for the little guy, he’d already ridden it several times.  He just didn’t want to EVER stop.  Reality bites. Big time. 

Thanks for looking and go check out all the other random photos