Actually, it’s the first day of February but I took these pictures yesterday.  Just to clarify. 

It’s the Superbowl today.  Normally, I’d be all over it.  I love any excuse to cook all morning and then sit around, socialize, watch a little foolsball and stuff my face.  But two things have influenced the fact that today I’m doing the exact opposite. 

#1 – Hubby’s working.  It’s just not the same without him around and hollerin’, “Drink Wench!”  I giggle every time.

#2 – Kids are sick.  At least not with the dreaded flu I recently wrote about.  So far we’ve escaped that one.  But we’ve had some nasty colds that just won’t let up.  And in case you don’t have kids and so don’t know this… sick, cranky, whiny kids don’t mix with football, relaxing and socializing.  You’d find yourself very quickly either in a back bedroom trying to keep from going insane while everyone else watches your tv OR you’d be hitting the road within the first hour, heading back home with your snotty-nosed crabbies. 

So here I type.  Thinking of you, my bloggy-friends, instead of cheering at the tv and stuffing my face.  Well, I’m actually still stuffing my face, I’m just doing it in private so it doesn’t require napkins.  I might have to call the dog in to clean me up before I get up off the couch so I don’t make a mess of the floor as well as myself. 

This past week I’ve felt a tad guilty.  Why, you ask?  Well, a lot of people have been suffering through some nasty ice storms, trying to stay warm without the help of electricity and setting up camp within the walls of their homes.  I’ve been blessed not to have this worry.  But my guilt comes in to play because I have the opposite type of weather and the fact I’ve been boo-hooing that I’ve gotten to wear a sweater this winter only a handful of times.  We’ve been suffering through 70+ temps.  Believe me, after seeing all your pics of icy trees and yards full frozen mess, I use the term “suffering” extremely loosely! 

So yesterday I decided to actually appreciate my weather and quite moaning about my lack of winter.  So we may be water-rationing in a few months… pshaw!  Rationing – smashioning.   Having a brown lawn is so easy to maintain.  Brown’s the new green, right?

**We interrupt this completely random and blabbering post to inform you that Kurt Warner has 7 children.  Did you know that??  I sure didn’t.  I’m impressed by that.  That and the fact that he shaved his stubble for his wife today.  Nothing says love like a clean shaven face.  Similar to loving your hubby enough to shave your legs even when no one else would ever know that you could braid your leg hair. **  

 Here are some pictures from our last day of January 09.  We spent it playing with the garden hose. 

Lucy and Lil Blue enjoying the hose together:


It didn’t take long for Lil Blue to shed his wet clothes and sport just his diaper.  Look at that pasty white skin!p1018831email



 Hmmm, I can almost smell the wet dog from here!!p1018848email

 Water play tuckers a puppy out:p1018852email

 Her puppy sleep was interrupted by an almost naked, pasty-white 2 year old who insisted on planting a wet one on her snout.  Here he is getting lined up for an accurately planted smooch:p1018856cropemail

 Moooving in… Lucy still has no idea, that girl can sleep through almost anythingp1018857cropemail 

 Oooohhhh! Her eyes are open now.  I’m sure it was a dream come true.  p1018858cropemail

Did this help defrost some of you?  I hope so.  If not, post some of your frozen tundra pictures and help me cool off.  Maybe we can find a happy medium.