I love boys.  I love the energy, the rough and tumble, the need to show manliness in even the littlest tyke.  Granted, at any given moment, the very same things that I love can drive me absolutely batty.  But that has nothing to do with the boys.  It has everything to do with me.

Just when I think I have my boys figured out, they do something else that throws me back to square one.  Boys are just a big puzzle really.  And the tricky part to this puzzle that is BOY is that there is no picture on the front of the box to base the piecing together by.  The biggest hint I have is to look at my husband.  He’s my only clue to what my boys’ puzzles are supposed to look. 

Piece of the puzzle by Inge Pettersen.Some pieces are easy to put together.  Others – not so much.  Some I have a heads’ up regarding thanks to moms of other boys who have bestowed their wealth of knowledge on to me.  Some of those pieces included the fascination of all things related to bugs, dirt and noise. 

The past couple months have introduced a new piece to the delightfully fun puzzle of BOY. 

Mismatched pj’s.

My boys have decided that a perfectly matched, color coordinating pair of pj’s is not manly in the least.  I’ve tried several things to discourage this way of thinking.  I am female after all and every possible action must be taken to match whatever can possible be matched.  And if not matched then at least color coordinated.  So I’ve refolded the pj drawers ad nauseum.  I’ve also tried rolling the matching tops and bottoms together so all they had to do was grab a rolled bundle and head to the shower.

Nope.  My boys go to extreme measures to continue their manly fashion statements.  They purposefully separate whatever I have carefully and securely placed together and mix and un-match to their hearts’ content.  That leaves me flabbergasted.  It’s a small detail to be sure.  I don’t thinkit’s anything that’ll spark a life of crime in 15 years… right?!  If I’m wrong please let me know ASAP.  I’ll go back to stuffing their little arms and legs into their matching shark top and bottoms in a heartbeat.  But as a female, I just don’t get it

But I love not “getting it” sometimes.  It amazes me how different God has created us.  It’s one thing to see the differences in a grown man and a whole other thing to see the in-ate differences that boys just are… from the very beginning.  I love it.  How can you not?  I don’t understand moms out there who strive to stifle the manliness in their boys.  Some are oblivious to it and others do it on purpose. 

Don’t get me wrong, I want my boys to be sensitive to the needs around them.  I want them to always be looking for the underdog and seeking to include those left out. 

But at the same time, I don’t want to raise men who’d rather sit back and let others jump into action to protect the weak, who won’t stand up to injustice and who don’t strive to show, through their own actions, God’s love to everyone.  I want to raise men who aren’t afraid to lead their families and put their foot down with their own children.

So Hubby and I do our best to filter through those puzzle pieces… tossing the ones that don’t belong in the pictures of what we hope our boys will become and carefully matching up the pieces that do.  Some pieces are too random at this point to connect with any of the others we already have.  But we know they belong because they simply ARE Boy

Pieces like mismatched pj’s.