Lists… they are essential to my well-being.  Wfmwbanner


So why it took me this long to come with an RV packing list, I have no idea.  But I finally had the brilliant idea of creating a packing list that included EVERYTHING I might possibly need to pack for the family.   Rain or shine, long trip or short, Summer or Fall, it’s all there on The List. 

I was so tired of forgetting to pack things.  Sometimes they are minor details, sometimes they are huge catastrophes.  Like the two week trip we took and I left my make-up/skin care bag on the bathroom counter at home.  YES!  That is completely true!  Who DOES that?!  Not just a chapstick folks.  The whole stinkin kit and caboodle!  I ended up having to buy a whole new set of the bare essentials (cleanser, moisturizer, cover-up, powder, blush and mascara) at the first drug store we came to after arriving at our destination.  The upside to that is, I keep it all in the RV and don’t have to worry about packing those items anymore. 

Now, the RV List is long to be sure but all I have to do is cross out everything I don’t need and then check off the ones I do need as I get them packed.  Little to no thinking required!  And that’s my kind of list my bloggy friends.  I keep a hard copy of the list on the computer so that as the kids get older and our needs change, I can go and make corrections without having to completely re-do the whole list. 

As a side note, I also keep a pad of paper and pen in the RV so that during out trips, as we run low or use up items that we keep in the RV (cleansers, paper goods, bathroom products, etc.), I can make a list and take it out of the RV with me upon our return home.   Then I restock those items as sales or opportunities come up so that it’s not all left for the last moment, when we’re gearing up to head out again.

We love RV-ing as a family.  And my RV Packing List has lessened my stress in the packing process and therefore makes it that much more fun to just GO.

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