Because I have a hard time organizing my thoughts after watching a LOST episode, I decide to write AS I’m watching the show this week.  So hang on… you’re coming along on my little crazy LOST ride…Lost

I missed the first few minutes tonight but I saw Sun get her package that included files of some kind and a nice huge gun.  Kate went to visit the lawyer that threatened her with the DNA tests but got no where.  I personally think the lawyer is hired by Ben who is just trying to get Kate to want to go back to the Island.  He knows she would have to feel mighty threatened to ever want to go against Claire’s wishes of not taking Aaron back to the Island.

What?! Sawyer and Locke actually agree on something?? Things must be getting desperate!  They both agreed that the group needed to go back to the Orchid Station.  But they needed to get back to the beach in order to grab the zodiac and go around the Island as a shortcut.

I love Sayid.  Anyone who would use his own IV line to strangle a bad guy is someone you want in your corner and not staring at you from the opposite one.

I’m sure there’s some numerical significance to the marina slip number that Ben told Jack to meet them at later with Kate.  But I’m clueless.  I don’t even remember what the number was!

Why doesn’t Daniel say anything to the group about needing to find their “constants”?!  To me, this is pretty vital information since now the other guy is having nosebleeds too. 

One of the time warps went back in time to when Locke opened the hatch and Claire giving birth to Aaron with Kate’s help.

Sawyer got me all choked up when he got to see Kate deliver Aaron… Love his rare tender moments.  And true to form, he quickly recovered to his natural gruff self. 

After the next flash forward, Sawyer, Locke and the group finally find the beach camp again but it obviously was forward in time because the rest of their group, who had orginially stayed on the beach, had disappeared and the camp was destroyed.  The zodiac was gone and instead they found a wooden outrigger boat.  When they hopped aboard and started paddling around the Island, someone started firing on them from a similar boat.  Another time warp saved them but unfortunately dumped them in the middle of a storm, at night, still out in the ocean.  Sounds fun!

Claire’s MOTHER!! What?  The lawyer threatening Kate drops off paperwork with her!   There goes my theory on Ben being behind the DNA tests. 

Jack’s still trying to fix everything for Kate.  Ever the hero.  He goes to talk to Claire’s mother and try to reason with her about Kate and Aaron.

What?  Claire’s mother doesn’t even know Aaron exists??!!  Do you see why this show is so addicting AND maddening at the same time?!  So maybe it IS still Ben who is behind the DNA tests.  Claire’s mother was just in LA to deal with lawsuit issues with the airline.

Whose Reyes??  That lawyer IS in cahoots with Ben!  I didn’t understand the lawyer and Ben’s conversation at ALL!  Which means it was probably key information.

Awww!  Another tender moment with Sawyer as he tells Juliette what it was like to see Kate again, at Aaron’s birth.  But of course, tender moment must be destroyed by Juliette’s first nose bleed.

So this current time warp is right after Rousou (sp?), the french woman’s, boat crashes.  Wasn’t that like 15-18 years before our fav Oceanic flight crashed on the Island?  She’s still floating with her comrades on the ocean.  We know eventually everyone else but her dies and she’s left alone.  Or is it that The Others kill them off?  I can’t remember what happens to them.  But she manages to survive and avoid The Others.

What?!  Rousou and her boys find JIN floating in the ocean on a raft?!!  I KNEW he couldn’t be out of the picture.  Okay, hold on.  It’s a commercial break.  So lets think this through quickly.  Jin survived the boat explosion – somehow – and has been floating on the ocean this whole time,  close enough to the Island to be time warped right along with everyone else.  How awesome is that!   I knew it! I knew it!  I’m glad the show didn’t let me down. =0)

The look on Kate’s face when she sees Ben is priceless.  Oh yeah!  Don’t mess with Kate either! What’?! Ben is admitting he’s behind the DNA tests!  And Sun is at the Marina too?  How did she know to go there??  At least I was right on the DNA tests… I think I would have gone crazy if they’d stretched that one out another week.

Oh boy.  Jin is in a world of hurt because he’s waking up, on the beach, with the french crew and has no clue what’s going on with the time warps .  Plus, he has the language barrier… but now he’s clueing in.  He just found out Rousou’s name and recognizes it. 

In the teaser for next week, Ben says he can prove something to Sun, as Sun is aiming her nice big gun at him at the marina.  I bet he says he can prove that Jin is still alive.  Kate thinks Jack has completely jumped off the deep end and joined The Dark Side by working with Ben.  Have to say I agree with her.  But I think Ben is probably a necessary evil at this point.  It’s obvious that they DO need to go back to the Island.  Or, at least, I THINK they need to.  (you’re never really sure of anything with this show) Ben is the only one who can show them how to get back.

Is anyone else worried about Vincent?  Poor lovable guy!  Why did they find his empty leash?   Is he going to get nosebleeds too?

Oy!  I had a question and now I’ve forgotten it!!  It was a big point too… Dang it.  I’m sure someone else covered it though… so head over to Rocks In My Dryer with me and read up on other bloggers’ recaps.