I realize it’s been a couple weeks since I wrote about the Lamberths.  But after I read a blog update from Angie, I thought it important to bring her to your attention again.  Please, please continue to lift her and 6 year old Nolan to the loving feet of Jesus.  We need to be as commited to praying for them as we were to for praying Mark during his month in the hospital after his accident.  (If you are new to the Lamberths situation, please see my previous posts here and here and here to get caught up) 

Here is Angie’s update:

Moment by Moment

February 4, 2009 by angielamberth

3252780971_7f8a6e30dfIt’s completely different to mourn with Mark than it is to mourn without him. Truly I am empty right now. I really have no strength of my own, and I believe that whatever people are seeing is God getting me through this. I miss Mark on a level I can’t express and don’t fully understand. It’s missing another person and a part of myself. My purpose is mixed up. Our plans no longer exist.

Such a tremendous sadness. In the morning I wake to it. It’s a reality that is so difficult to even let my mind think of. Every morning when it sinks in just a bit I can’t help but throw up. Nolan gets the same way when he’s overwhelmed. He even threw up when I took him to school this morning.

But what I thank God for is that it’s not like that all day. I think it would be without hope. In the morning, as soon as I start to awake it’s like I’m slapped in the face with reality. Mark is gone. It wasn’t just a nightmare. He’s really gone and he’s never coming back. But moment by moment God takes me through the day. And I don’t stay so sad. Life doesn’t stay so dismal. God truly gives me hope. I am hoping that He will redefine my purpose. Give me direction and set His plans before me. I am encouraged throughout the day through God’s promises. Knowing where Mark is. Thanking God for the amazing love that we were able to share and the time that He gave us. That helps so much…to look at all the blessings that God has given us. Especially for our little guy.

I am thankful for you all. Your comments and prayers encourage me throughout the day.


If you’d like to read the blog that was set up for the Lamberths at the start, right after Mark’s injury and is where Angie’s update can be found, go to www.prayforthelamberths.com .  If you go there, please leave Angie a note.  She’ll appreciate it.

Thanks bloggy friends.