My husband is the opposite of me. 

He’s calm… I’m not. (hallelujah!)

He’s remembers every little tidbit of information… I, well, lets just say it has to be pretty catastrophic for me to remember it.

His world has little room for gray and is mostly black and white… mine gives way to much room for fuzzy boundaries and gray areas.

He’s a rock… I’m flaky and emotional.

He knows how to use tools and drive a truck and trailer like no-body’s business… I’m plain clueless.  (but I kinda like it that way)

He’s a natural learner… I struggle to grasp new things/ideas.

He’s truly gifted with teens and young people … I flounder with worry over what they think of me, am I cool enough for them to even give me the time of day and whether or not they’ll take my advice.

He’s naturally WAYYY more fun to play with … I have to make a conscious effort to wrestle with the kids.

He’s fantastic at recognizing the results from a long, frustrating day of mine and whisks the kids away to give me a breather… sometimes I like to stick my head in the sand and not pay attention.

He was born with budgets and financial knowledge already preset in his brain… I’m clueless (not to be repetitive).

He has an unclouded view of politics, government and laws…  I’m swayed by a good outfit and haircut.

But we are alike in a lot of ways also…

We both love to people watch.  

We both love a good bargain. 

We both love routine and structure. 

We both recognize the importance of family. 

We both love just “hanging out” with each other.

We both find our children hilarious one moment and extremely frustrating challenging the next.

We both love to “camp”… meaning: take the trailer out.

We both like to read.

We like the same kinds of tv shows.

We both recognize the importance of Church… and being active members.

We both enjoy being used by God to meet needs around us.

This is by no means an exhaustive list.  But suffice to say, he’s the perfect balance to ME. 

And I don’t do near enough for him, to show him my appreciation and let him know that I’d be in a world of hurt without him.  But I striving to change that.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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