The other day I opened the bedroom door to check on my two older boys (5 and 4) who were supposed to be getting ready for bed.  Oh how I wish I’d had the camera with me!  Although, I wouldn’t have been able to share it here anyway.  Because I opened that door to discover:

two stark-naked (or neked as Hubby would say) boys jumping off their dresser into a couple of beanbags on the floor… and laughing hysterically. 

WHAT?!!  As a girl, that absolutely astounds me.  First of all, I would think that for a boy, doing anything naked involved as certain amount of risk to certain appendages.  If you catch my drift.  Add to that the uncomfortableness of sticky, fake-leather beanbags on the naked skin and then the danger of missingthose faux-leather beanbags and you can count me completely out of this activity. 

I don’t get it.  It’s just another piece of the boy puzzle in my opinion.

But man, were they having a blast.