I don’t know if you’ve noticed from your recent trips to Target, Walmart, Kmart… who am I kidding?! If you’ve been in ANY kind of store recently, you’ll have noticed that Spring, and therefore PEEPS are in the air. 

An Army of Peeps by psilver.

Peeps are cute, colorful, and cheap.  However, and I realize I may offend some of you with this opinion but, well, they are a little lacking in tasty-goodness.  I’m sorry!  I’m just stating the facts, folks.  With just a dash of opinion thrown in. 

But I have a solution to your Peep woes.  It’s become a family favorite and this year, I’m even planning on stocking up on Peeps during the post-Peeps Spring/Easter sales.  One word:


That’s what our family lovingly calls those cute little Peeps, whether they are chicks or bunnies or any other kind of brightly colored marshmallow critter you happen to find in the Peep family, after they have been brutally stabbed, roasted over a roaring fire and then cruelly smashed between two pieces of graham crackers and a chunk of chocolate.  (Get it?  S’meeps instead of S’mores?!)  The result?

A glorious conglomerate of crystallized sugar, gooey melted marshmallow, warm chocolate and crunchy graham crackers.  Sad for the Peep… delightful for my taste buds. 

So next time you find yourself staring at the pile of Peeps left all alone in the Spring Baskets of your home, all the other popular and actually tasty candy loonnngggg gone and already forming cavities in your children’s teeth…  Get a campfire roaring, sharpen those roasting tongs and get to work putting those Peeps out of their misery.

It’s what works for me.

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